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Parenting doesn’t have to be hard! Read these 4 tricks!!

Parenting is a never-ending job. Be it of a toddler or of a 30-year-old small kid! Yes! you read it right.  Well here in this post I am going to focus on a toddler parenting and we will discuss for a 30-year-old in some other post.

These cute little babies are capable of making anybody go insane. But here I will tell you how to manage your little monster in 4 easy tricks. 

Let me first tell you why these lovely, calm cutie-pies turn into robust creatures! I too have a two-year-old kid, and that’s why I can firmly say that whenever these little creatures find themselves unable to express their heart out, they become those rebellious monsters. So we being mother needs to understand what our little bundle of joy wants to convey to us!

In spite of all costliest of toys you have purchased for him, he is no more interested in them! He often throws tantrums at you! Also, he fell off on the floor just to get his demand complete by you! And you many times slap him on his back for his behavior and feels guilty later on! If it sounds familiar to you, please read below:angry kid Continue reading “Parenting doesn’t have to be hard! Read these 4 tricks!!”


First blog post


My name is Saumya. I am a freelance writer for Hire and I am a mommy of a little monkey. I have created this blog for my love of writing. I was not inking my pen for digital media but now I am going to dive in my thoughts with a screen and keyboard.



Easy porridge recipes for your kid!

Hello, Lovely Mommies! How are you?

I know you must be very tired running after your rambunctious kids. I know very well how difficult it seems many times when you are tired badly and you are confused about what to cook for your babies. Especially when we know how moody and choosy they are when it comes to eating for a proper meal. Tough no? I know!

So here I am sharing an easy tip for making baby porridge with different taste each time when you cook!!

Dear mommies get one point clear in your head that porridge is the best food and simple for baby to get all the essential nutrients and for cooking too. What all you need to do is Boil and simmer. And you may add while boiling all those veggies which you want your baby to eat and which your baby likes to eat often. You may cook it sweet and salty as per your baby taste.

And the tip is you can cook as many varieties of porridge as you like! How? Read Below:

You can make porridge with

  1. broken wheat alone, add sugar and milk according to your taste after following the above 2 steps of boiling and simmer for  10 min.
  2. Broken wheat along with split green gram, cook this with salt
  3. Broken wheat along with split green gram and veggies, cook this salty too
  4. Rava/Sooji, roast the rava in butter till golden brown and then boil and simmer. Add salt/sugar as per your taste
  5. Rava with veggies (cook salty)
  6. Rolled/Instant oats with and without veggies (cook salty)
  7. Rice flour with and without veggies (Cook Salty and sweet both)
  8. Gram Flour (cook sweet)
  9. Ragi (cook sweet or salty)
  10. broken rice with split green gram with and without veggie (cook salty)

It is always good to roast all the cereals before boiling and you may use a blender if you are having an infant. These recipes can be used with infants 6 months above and with toddlers, children of any age.

I hope you will try many of the above for your little one to give his proper nutrients and these are easy to cook and does not have any harmful effect on your child. Be conscious about any cereal allergy if your child is having. So, enjoy dear mamma!! please comment if you have any new porridge recipe, also share if you like cooking any of the above.


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How to make your infant sleep at night in 5 easy steps?

Hello, dear friends!

We all know this is one of the most debated issues over the centuries to put a baby to sleep during the night. And I know you would be very eager in knowing the way of making your baby sleep in the night so that you can rest as well.

Dear new mommies, I would be sounding very harsh if I will say that there is no way out for an infant up to 2 months to make him sleep in the night. You have to darken your dark circles for feeding your baby N number of times during the night. I am not scaring would be mommies either! But what I am going to share with you is my personal experience of putting my baby to sleep in the night, and how I did that daily!

I have read many articles and theories over a period of time for making my baby sleep during the night, as all other babies, my infant was also the same who don’t like to miss his night climax of every day. I being a new mommy was unable to deal with my pain and suffering and a feeling of being a mommy! I must say, it takes a time to understand the nature of dealing we have to give to these small creatures of just 5-8 pounds! And these stubborn little creatures don’t even understand the language, how to make them realize that nights are meant for sleeping! So, I read many theories, but all in vain. Here I must tell you that there are theories like let your baby cry and he will fall asleep once tired. I am not criticizing anyone but this is very dangerous to let the baby cry alone because what pediatricians suggest is never let your infant be alone during panic as it may lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Then what could be the better ways to make them sleep? Here are few of my trial and tested methods which used to make my baby sleep in no time. And  I followed them until my little bundle of joy learned to sleep in the night.

1. Massage:

Give your infant/toddler a good body massage before going to bed. Babies love the soft touch of his mother and massage soothes their body. It is also good for their blood circulation. But before giving massage you must ensure the oil you are using and the weather. If it is winter than the oil should be luke warm. Always give body massage in a closed room without any fan or Air-Condition on. A soft massage in his head and on the back helps baby to relax and sleep.

2. Tickling:

Yes, tickling slowly on baby arms, legs or on forehead gives a soothing effect and your little champ will go to sleep in no time.sleeping baby

3. Fun Activities:

If you are having a toddler then this method can be tried. Let you and your baby mess up the bedroom like his favorite play area. Let your baby play hard and let him get tired so that he will fall asleep.

4. Story telling session:

Start a story telling session with your child, soon he will start enjoying the stories and you will find that he falls asleep during the story telling session.sleeping girl

5. Putting all lights off:

This played a vital role in making my kid learn to fall asleep in the night. I used to put all lights off, not even the night lamp. And what I realized is, as the lights are off my baby is also in his dreams.child in dreams

I hope you will find these useful in making your child sleep. One thing that needs to ensure about baby sleep is they must not be hungry, you cannot put a hungry child to sleep. And he must not be having any health issue like stomach upset because babies do get this problem very often and it will be difficult to get them to sleep in such situation. Therefore you must be sure about the reason why your child doesn’t want to sleep.

Please comment if you like my post and also share your experience of getting your child to sleep in the night and how you make them learn it.